The server developed by Team 25. It's kind of powerful. !Only use this if you have explicit permission from your Tutor, otherwise you might be validating Sopra guidelines!

Updated 3 years ago

The Game Library for the Marvelous Mashup Sopra, developed by Team 25

Updated 2 years ago

An Anki deck containing cards to study for the Software Engineering (Softwaretechnik) lecture of Ulm University.

Updated 2 years ago

Documentation for the Münster-Kartierung-Bauhüttenapp project (APSE) 2021/22

Updated 2 years ago

Calculator application for the Compilerbau lecture WiSe 2021/2022 of Ulm University

Updated 2 years ago

Content from / for / about the PDP tutor job starting from my 6th semester

Updated 2 years ago

SKR04 account template for Tryton, based on the mds-account-de-skr04 modification of accounnt-de-skr03.

Updated 2 years ago

Terminal Renderer that renders 3D objects to the terminal

Updated 1 year ago

Raspberry Pi Pico SDK with updated (as of 4/29/2023) tusb library

Updated 4 months ago

Updated 1 month ago

Create Anki cards from a Dictionary PDF

Updated 2 weeks ago